Valley Hill Day Camp or Sleepaway

Valley Hill Day Camp or Sleepaway

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Valley Hill Summer Camp is a co-ed sleepaway/day camp that provides elite instruction in specialized morning academies and traditional camp fun for the rest of the day.  Located at the picturesque and state of the art campus in South Kent, CT

Type: day camp or overnight (more information below)

Location:  South Kent, CT
Date Range: Gift Certificate Valid for any day camp sessions or Sessions 1,2, or 3 for Sleepaway camp.

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Gender (if applicable): Co-ed
Age Rage: 5-7 day camp 8-15 sleep away camp
Category: Sports/Traditional
Value: $1350

$1350 Gift Certificate that can be applied to one week of sleepaway camp or 2 weeks of day camp 


Sleepaway Camp: Five 1 week sessions from June 24th - July 28th

  • Camp Program: 
    • Centered the very best of both worlds - a mix between a traditional camp and specialty camp 
    • Each morning, campers enjoy elite instruction in specialized morning “Academies.” With 7 academies to choose from, there is something for every camper - Arts, Basketball, Figure Skating, Ice Hockey, Robotics, Soccer & Tennis. 
    • Campers attend the same “Academy” each morning Monday-Friday for the first 2.5 hours of the day, and then switch to traditional camp activities after lunch. 
    • Traditional camp activities are everything that you might imagine, and more. These activities are elective based and campers can choose what they would like to do from our main 4 categories (Adventure, Athletics, Creative Arts & Science/Nature). We also have our fabulous all camp activities including color wars, camp fires, dances, and field trips!
  • Dates & Rates:
    • Sleepaway camp program runs for a total of 5 weeks, split into 3 sessions (with dates starting on Sunday and ending on Saturday). If campers are attending consecutive sessions, they are welcome to stay through the Saturday night, and attend special events and field trips offered at the camp.

Day Camp: Five 1 week sessions from June 24th - July 28th

  • Offering:
    • For local families, our day camp option allows campers to experience Valley Hill Summer Camp Monday through Friday from 9:00AM to 5:00PM
  • Perks & Flexibility:
    • Daily Drop off / Pick up Windows:
      • Morning Drop-off Window: 8:15AM-8:45AM
      • Afternoon Pick-up Window: 5:00PM-5:30PM
    • Food:
      • Lunch and snacks are included for all day campers, straight from our Valley Hill Kitchen
  • Camp Program: Our day camp is divided between two key groups. These groups differ based on age, activity, and level of supervision
    • Younger Camp: Ages 5-7
      • Our younger campers enjoy their own daily activity schedule which includes arts, sports, science and adventure. They have their own, dedicated counselors and a higher counselor:camper ratio of 1:5.
    • Older Camp: Ages 8-15
      • For older campers, the day camp includes the opportunity to join our academies in the morning before joining their respective age groups in the afternoon for the traditional camp schedule.